Convert BBT in wBBT
Ratio 1:1 (No BBT fees)


BBT Wrapper is a simple dapp that allows you to exchange your BBT tokens for wBBT for free and also the other way around. You only have to connect the metamask wallet to the dapp. In this first beta phase, whenever the user wants to convert BBT to wBBT, 2 transactions will always be necessary, 1 to approve the wBBT contract and the 2nd to carry out the exchange. For better experience, please add both tokens to metamask by clicking "Add(BBT) & Add (wBBT)" buttons. Have a better experience handling both tokens.

wBBT is the no-fee version of BBT


Convert wBBT in BBT
Ratio 1:1 (No wBBT fees)
Bridge wBBT to Harmony Chain

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wBBT Dapp Wrapper beta v1.0